March 10

Why Cleansing Your Skin Properly Really Matters


Perhaps your morning routine is done while you’re still half asleep, toothbrush in one hand, washcloth in the other as you look at yourself bleary-eyed in the mirror. We heed the advice to wash our faces each morning, but do we REALLY need to?

As it turns out, that answer is yes. Cleansing your face regularly and properly can make the difference between having glowing healthy skin or excessively dry, flaky, or oily skin.

The Benefits of Keeping Proper Skin Cleansing Habits 

Throughout the day, your face is covered with pollutants, bacteria, dirt, viruses, excess oil, and has a buildup of old dead skin cells. Cleansing your face daily removes said impurities, prepping your skin for other skincare products (I.e., toner and moisturizer). Without cleansing, skincare products become much less effective due to the layer of oil and dirt it would first have to penetrate.

Another reason cleansing is so important is because it helps to clear your pores, keeping them the right size and free from congestion. When pores are clogged, it not only causes breakouts, but also prevents skincare products from absorbing properly.

ENVIRON’s Low Foam Cleansing Gel uses a very sensitive-skin friendly, carefully designed formula that works to remove this layer of buildup from the skin gently to prevent irritation. It maintains the benefits of the skin’s natural moisture balance also. Your days of accidentally stripping your face from oil or moisture during washing are gone with this gel.

How To Keep Skin Balanced and Moisturized 

A lot of the daily cleansers on the market right now don’t consider skin pH balance or moisture balance in their formulas a high priority. However, with continued use (or even just once!), these products can commonly lead to skin imbalances. Your face may get dry and flaky, excessively oily, or a combination of the two if your facial cleanser isn’t right for your skin.  

ENVIRON Skin EssentiA Low Foam Cleansing Gel is designed to aid in the maintenance of the skin’s natural moisture balance, helping to prevent this from ever having to be an issue again. By cleansing daily with this Gel, you can help manage your skin’s pH levels to ensure that there is sufficient water and product retention to keep your skin looking and feeling its healthiest.

Final Tips For Cleansing Your Face

Say no to makeup wipes (as tempting as they may seem). Though they do remove dirt, makeup, and dead skin, it is only to a degree compared to the real thing. Instead of being removed, some of the dirt and remaining buildup is smeared around the face with the wipe.

Finding the right daily facial cleanser for your skin can be a challenge with the seemingly endless selection of choices. ENVIRON has thankfully made the process a little easier.

Skin EssentiA Low Foam Cleansing Gel is a fabulous choice for anyone who wants to know they’re buying a high-quality cleanser that prioritizes your skin’s moisture balance perhaps even more than you do.

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