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Migraine Treatment

Our team of experienced professionals, led by Deanna Carell, L.Ac, is a leading New Jersey provider in treating headache and migraine symptoms. Often, our patients have expired their efforts looking for long-lasting relief using other therapies and treatments, including pharmaceutical medications that only provide temporary comfort. Those processes leave patients feeling hopeless, still suffering from debilitating migraines and frequent headaches. Thankfully, there is hope! Deanna Carell Acupuncture exhibits extensive knowledge and skills geared toward achieving outstanding healing results for your migraine relief.

Headache and migrain types

What are the Three Types of Headaches?

Headache pain severity can range from a temporary mild annoyance to severe and debilitating. The three most common types of headaches are Migraines, Hypertension headaches, and stress headaches, each having their own specific symptoms and pain levels.

Migraines are primarily felt among the female population due to rapid changes in hormone levels, especially during the pre-menstrual period. A migraine is often disabling, causing severe “full head” pain that lasts a few hours or up to a few days. The symptoms associated with a migraine include intense pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound.

Hypertension headaches are caused by the presence of high blood pressure and can be extremely dangerous if not managed correctly and professionally. This type of headache will be felt on both sides of the head and exhibits a pulsating pain sensation.

Lastly, a stress or “tension” headache is the most common form of the three. Pain with a stress headache can range from mild to severe and will radiate behind the eyes, to the neck and forehead. Often, patients experiencing stress headaches describe the pain as a tight band around their forehead.

What are the Most Common Migraine Symptoms?

Whether you are experiencing mild or severe symptoms, Deanna Carrell Acupuncture will work on a patient-specific treatment plan that establishes relief, including prevention of further symptoms and sustainability for a pain-free future.

Headache or migraine symptoms most commonly include head, neck or shoulder pain, blurred vision, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, dizziness, lightheaded, the presence of an aura, nausea, and irritability.

What do I do if I am Experiencing Migraine Symptoms?

If you have headache or migraine symptoms, please make an appointment for a free consultation today. Deanna Carrell Acupuncture provides an all-natural treatment alternative for long-term healing and healthy living!