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Deanna Carell is a Board Certified Acupuncturist

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Deanna Carell is a licensed acupuncturist in New Jersey, and nationally board certified as a Diplomate of Acupuncture by the (NCCAOM) National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Her passion for healthy living was sparked during undergraduate studies for Business Marketing at Seton Hall University. She went on to study at the Eastern School where she earned her Masters in Acupuncture and Traditional Herbal Medicine. Deanna specializes in KMS - Kiiko Matsumoto Style Japanese acupuncture but is also trained in Five Element and Traditional Chinese medicine. She studies under Kiiko Matsumoto, a master acupuncturist, and teaches Japanese acupuncture classes at the Eastern School currently. Her practice is located in Nutley and Verona where she uses acupuncture and Chinese medicine to treat a wide variety of patients’ conditions and to promote holistic healing. Acupuncture treatments can focus on treating aches and pains related to the back, neck, joints, arthritis and general soreness. Acupuncture can also help other conditions such as allergies, sinus pressure, headaches, immune system issues, anxiety, digestive issues and so much more. A typical acupuncture session lasts one hour and the patient is in a very relaxing environment.



Acupuncture is a natural, safe and effective treatment that heals pain and improves well being.

Message Therapy

Massage Therapy

Providing professional, relaxing and therapeutic massage services. 



Cupping Releases tightness in muscles by breaking up knots and adhesions. 

What To Expect During an Acupuncture Session

Each session at Deanna Carell Acupuncture is designed for the individual patient’s needs and may change during the course of treatment. A typical treatment lasts 1 hour. In the first visit Deanna will go through your health history and goals for your acupuncture treatment. The style of acupuncture Deanna practices is a Japanese style which treats the patient laying face up for about half of the visit and then again lying face down for the second half of the session. Additional modalities to treatment can be included depending on the patient’s needs. These modalities include

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