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The Little-Known Healing Power of Colostrum

The Little-Known Healing Power of Colostrum

Colostrum has been an increasingly popular compound found in some professional-grade skin care products for the past several years. Re-imagined as a key ingredient to anti-aging skin care products as a topical healing agent, Colostrum continues to amaze and please new users everywhere.

Using Colostrum medically has been documented throughout history, this restorative compound has even been recorded in Ancient Egypt, some African tribes, and in Indian Ayurvedic medicine.

What Is Colostrum? 

Bovine Colostrum, sometimes referred to as ‘the forgotten miracle’, is a nutrient-rich milk produced by mammals during their late pregnancies right before giving birth. This milk differs from milk produced later, as it is rich with immune-boosting antibodies and nutrients designed to give newborn calves maximum immune support while they’re at their most vulnerable.

Before large pharmaceutical antibiotics became available and mainstream, Colostrum was used in the US and throughout the world to boost immunity and prevent infections.

How Colostrum Can Renew Your Skin 

When applied topically to the skin, Colostrum helps to regenerate and boost the skin’s secretions of antibacterial compounds. Anyone with any skin condition can benefit from its use. From rosacea, acne, dry skin, and eczema, Colostrum is one of the few great “cure-alls” for skin because of its potency.

While restoring skin to a healthy pH level, it hydrates and restores the skin’s barrier with immune-boosting nutrients. Antioxidants also provide your skin with anti-aging benefits.

Oligosaccharide is a naturally occurring healing sugar found in Colostrum, and also happens to be one of the most powerful compounds on the planet for anti-aging properties.

Colostrum contains three special growth factors that are crucial in developing or regenerating new skin, muscles, nerves, and gastrointestinal tract. This unique ability helps skin heal, fight infection, and rejuvenate dry and/or injured skin.  

Immune System Benefits from Colostrum 

Your skin is your body’s first line of defense when you go out in the world, responsible for fighting off bacteria and pathogens that come its way to keep you well. Colostrum can help to boost your immune system further due to its immunity-boosting factors.

These consist of immune signaling polypeptides that work to activate and support melanocytes and Langerhans cells. These cells are a part of your skin, warning the immune system of foreign invaders and aiding the healing response of the skin itself.

Colostrum’s long list of benefits and its rejuvenating abilities make this ideal for many suffering from skin conditions, regardless of what. This natural ‘forgotten miracle’ is so full of nutrients that it helps with virtually every skin condition. Feel the smooth, dewy, bouncier feel your skin has once you test out the power of Colostrum for yourself!


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