Pure Castor Oil


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Our new premium organic castor oil is sourced from organic castor beans &  cold-pressed to retain its potent nutrients, ensuring you receive unparalleled quality and efficacy.


Ingredients: 100% Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil.

Origin: India
Shelf Life: Two Years

236.6 ML Amber Bottle

 | C R A F T E D   T O   S U P P O R T |

Pure & Organic – Our castor oil is 100% pure & natural. No additives, preservatives, or fillers, allowing you to experience the genuine power of nature.

Detoxification Powerhouse – Renowned for its detoxifying properties, our castor oil acts as a gentle yet effective “cleanser”, helping to purge impurities from the body, including the skin and internal organs.

Beauty & Skin Care –  Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, deeply nourish  and hydrate your skin. This oil promotes a smoother, more radiant complexion. It aids in diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots, revealing youthful and revitalized skin.

Hair Revitalizer- Fortify your hair from root to tip! This organic oil stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair follicles, and reduces split end. Goodbye dull, lifeless locks ~hello  luscious, voluminous hair!!

Versatile Application – Whether you’re targeting skin imperfections, seeking a natural moisturizer, or aiming for a full-body detox, our castor oil seamlessly integrates into your beauty and wellness regimen.


How To Experience

For Internal Detoxification – Apply a generous amount topically and directly to your adomon and cover with towel. To enhance effectiveness, cover with a heating pad or hot water bottle pad. Keep on all night until oil is completely absorbed into skin.

Incorporate into a warm bath or use as a topical application on specific areas for a detoxifying effect.

For Skin & Face – Apply a few drops onto cleansed skin and gently massage in circular motions. Use as a moisturizer, makeup remover, or intensive treatment for problem areas.

For Hair – Massage into the scalp and through the hair, focusing on the ends. For a deep conditioning treatment, leave overnight and wash out in the morning.


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