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MaterniTEA Blend Features Sweet Herb Blend that Promotes a Healthy Pregnancy


At all phases of conception, pregnancy, and postpartum, relaxation can be elusive. A calming cup of tea is a simple pleasure that can also be very nourishing with the proper blend. MaterniTEA is an excellent option for women who are trying to increase their fertility to conceive as well as those who are already pregnant and postpartum. This loose leaf tea can be taken daily. Combine 2 teaspoons of tea with 8oz water, steep for 4 minutes, and enjoy. In Chinese medicine terms, this tea blend is meant to tonify the qi and blood, strengthen the uterus and promote healing.

How can Chinese Medicine improve fertility and pregnancy?

In Chinese Medicine, the term qi can be translated as energy, so to tonify qi means increasing energy. The specific energy MaterniTEA focuses on is the one your body needs to help encourage a successful pregnancy. This same energy is needed to nourish an already pregnant woman and can even increase energy for a woman who recently gave birth. Blood tonification in Chinese Medicine (CM), is also very important for women's health. Our blood is necessary to nourish all aspects of our body. If blood flow is deficient or lacking, our body will not function as it should. When working with fertility patients, one of the primary goals of CM is to increase blood flow to the uterus. A common reason for fertility problems stems from the lining of the uterus not being thick enough for implantation of the embryo. By increasing blood flow to the uterus, the lining will thicken, allowing for proper implantation.

This nourishing tea, made with high quality Chinese herbs and organic Red Raspberry Leaf, uses natural properties to help nourish the mama-to-be.  This tea is safe to drink with infertility, during pregnancy, and post-partum. It tonifies the qi and blood, strengthens the uterus, and promotes healing. Place 2 teaspoons of

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What kind of herbs support a healthy pregnancy?

The ingredients found in our MaterniTEA blend are what make it so helpful for women who want to increase their fertility, as well as pregnant and postpartum women. The tea features a combination of traditional Chinese herbs as well as other herbal supplements:

▪ Bo he (herba methae haplocalycis) is mint, an herb used in CM for gynecological problems that is cooling while also helpful in increasing blood flow to the areas of the body it is most needed.

▪ Gou qi zi (fructus lycii) is Chinese wolfberry, more commonly known as goji berry. This fruit is very blood nourishing and can be a helpful addition for fertility formulas. This sweet ingredient is therapeutic but also gives the tea a lovely taste.

▪ Dang gui (radix agelicae sinesis) is called Chinese agelica root and is also an important blood nourishing herb. Sometimes called "women’s herb," it is well known for supporting women's health for regulating menstruation, but also for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum.

▪ Long yan rou (arillus longan) is longan fruit, another sweet ingredient that nourishes blood. It is sometimes called dragon eye because of how the flesh of the fruit looks when it is shelled.

▪ Mei gui hua (flos rosae rugosae) is the bud of Chinese rose. This herb can be used to regulate menstruation but is also commonly used for fertility.

▪ The last Chinese herb in the tea formula is Shan yao (rhizome dioscoreae) which is Chinese yam. It is another food type herb that is helpful for boosting energy.

Chinese herbal Medicine can be prepared in many different forms, such as liquids, known as tinctures, or by grinding herbs into powder, which can be placed into capsules and swallowed. Tea is another wonderful way to consume herbs that makes them very easy to take as part of a daily routine. If you are in need of a supplement to help with fertility, are currently pregnant or postpartum, this herbal tea would be a great addition to your supplement regiment.

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