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Involve Acupuncture in Your Cesarean Healing Process

Involve Acupuncture in Your Cesarean Healing Process

Whether you planned a Cesarean birth or received emergency Cesarean surgery, the healing process can take a toll physically and emotionally.

After giving birth, mothers are forced to adapt to a new routine and way of life. They are trying to take care of a newborn and tackle daily activities with little sleep. Their bodies are trying to heal from a traumatic surgery which can cause intense pain, limited mobility and diminished nerve endings. On top of the physical ailments, emotions tend to rise after women give birth, especially if a Cesarean was not a part of the birth plan. While trying to heal from the surgery itself, mothers are also attempting to cope with feelings such as depression, anxiety, decreased self-worth, distorted bodily image, and grief, which are all symptoms of Post-Partum Depression.

With approximately 32% of all births in the United states being Cesarean births, doctors are offering an array of treatments to alleviate pains that follow the surgery. New mothers who have sought help have found relief in therapy and medications, such as anti-depressants and opioids, which are the most popular treatment options following a scheduled or emergency C-section. These methods of treatment can, in fact, help a new mother with the healing process, but they can also cause detrimental effects to a new mother’s life, including addiction.

 During the last few years, there has been a great rise in anti-depressant medication usage and opioid addiction throughout the United States. As a result, doctors who are researching alternative treatment methods, are beginning to refer patients to acupuncture. Acupuncture has become widely known throughout the world for its natural healing powers. Starting in ancient China, this type of complementary medical practice has grown through the centuries, developing into one of the most trending ways to treat physical and emotional ailments.

How can acupuncture help heal Cesarean aftermath?

Acupuncture works to naturally heal the body by increasing blood flow and circulation to areas that have been affected by surgery. C-section surgeries are much more advanced now compared to when our mothers gave birth but still warrant care beyond general medical treatment. Starting acupuncture treatments after having such procedures can greatly reduce pain and swelling because acupuncture promotes self-healing which leads to increased physical and emotional well-being.

During a Cesarean, the lower abdomen is typically cut horizontally, approximately six inches. The incision not only disrupts the muscular and nervous system, but over time scar tissue can grow. This type of scarring can create a blockage where is not proper blood and oxygen flow which can later lead to other issues. Acupuncture treatment can greatly improve blood flow to this area and after a certain amount of healing time, the scar itself can be treated to reduce the size and color. Scar therapy is a large part of our practice and we have very advanced microneedling techniques to help promote elastin and collagen production in the skin to improve scar health and appearance.

By receiving repeated acupuncture treatments, new mothers can get back to normal living quicker. Acupuncture treatments increase blood flow to the incision area, which ultimately kick-starts the healing process. Increased blood flow is needed for the body to heal the scar tissue surrounding the incision, rework sliced muscle systems, and remove unwanted numbing of the incision area.

How soon can a new mother receive acupuncture treatments after birth?

New mothers can receive acupuncture treatments whenever they feel comfortable in doing so. There is no set time in which a woman must wait to start their natural healing treatments. To put it in perspective, doctors in China even use acupuncture during childbirth to alleviate pain associated with labor! All in all, it is whenever the new mother feels readiest to heal.

Are you ready to be the best version of yourself again?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist’s labor and birth management report mentions that acupuncture is a strategy to alleviate pain. Deanna Carell acupuncture is proud to be a leading specialist in woman’s health and strives to provide a high level of natural treatments to new mothers and beyond. Our office follows closely with physician led guidelines and works with OBGYN offices to correlate a specific treatment plan to fit your unique needs.

We are here for you as you navigate your journey as a new mother. Let us help alleviate any pain, stress, or emotional ailments that you are facing.​

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