April 25

10 Reasons to Consider Acupuncture as Part of Your Pregnancy Plan

10 Reasons to Consider Acupuncture as Part of Your Pregnancy Plan

Acupuncture can be valuable throughout all stages of pregnancy, though this Eastern medical technique's fertility and reproductive health benefits are not emphasized enough in Western medicine.

Here are the top ten reasons you should consider incorporating acupuncture into your pregnancy plan:

1. Increase fertility

Acupuncture has been shown to improve fertility outcomes, even for women with reproductive conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). The likelihood of conception is increased by stimulating blood flow to the uterus. Studies indicate that acupuncture can also improve in vitro fertilization (IVF) outcomes.

2. Reduce the likelihood of miscarriage

While acupuncture doesn't prevent or address every factor contributing to miscarriage, it does regulate the nervous system and the body's release of cortisol, which is associated with decreased risk for miscarriage.

3. Regulate mood

By stimulating the release of neurotransmitters in the brain, acupuncture can improve an expecting mother's mood and overall mental health.

4. Relieve back and pelvic pain

As the pregnancy progresses, pressure on the back and pelvis can lead to significant pain in the low back and hips. Acupuncture can relieve pain by improving blood flow to these areas and stimulating the body's natural painkillers—endorphins.

5. Reduce morning sickness

Acupuncture is effective in treating an array of digestive disorders. Morning sickness and acid reflux commonly experienced by expecting mothers can be alleviated by stimulating particular acupuncture points.

6. Improve energy

By increasing blood flow throughout the body, acupuncture improves energy levels and helps regulate sleep.

7. Support healthy labor and delivery

Acupuncture during the third trimester can help to ripen the cervix and move the labor and delivery process along, in some cases with a reduced reliance on medical interventions like induction medicines or C-sections.

8. Manage postpartum symptoms

Following birth, many new mothers experience an array of symptoms, including digestive issues, mental health problems, and challenges with lactation, all on top of the body's healing from the labor and delivery. Acupuncture has been shown to be effective in addressing all of these postpartum symptoms.

9. It beats the alternatives

Especially for managing chronic pain during pregnancy, acupuncture can be a far safer alternative to pain medications and steroids that can harm your growing baby.

10. It's safe

There is a growing body of literature to support the safety of acupuncture during pregnancy. While studies have reported instances of adverse outcomes for pregnant women treated with acupuncture, the research indicates that those adverse outcomes are about as common as those experienced by pregnant women who do not receive the treatment and are unlikely to have been caused by acupuncture itself.

As you see, there's much to gain from acupuncture in your pregnancy plan. Of course, every woman, and every pregnancy, is different. To find out how acupuncture can benefit your unique circumstances, a qualified acupuncturist will work closely with you and your team of health professionals to tailor a treatment plan to meet your needs.

Deanna Carell Acupuncture specializes in fertility and reproductive acupuncture treatment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Let's give you and your baby the best and most enjoyable pregnancy experience possible!

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