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Understanding Acupuncture Meridians


Understanding Acupuncture Meridians

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the main modality of Chinese medicine in which an acupuncturist inserts thin needles into the body. This process stimulates the body and the immune system to help heal itself. Acupuncture is used widely to decrease pain and inflammation, improve circulation, improve range of motion in pain conditions, reduces stress and improve mental health. Nearly one in ten people seek acupuncture in the US, and the number is steadily growing. Acupuncture offered in hospitals for improving chronic pain conditions has also dramatically increased.

How often should you visit an acupuncturist? 

Treatment recommendations vary based on the condition, severity of the condition, lifestyle factors, level of pain, existing treatment, and many other factors. A typical first appointment is about an hour long and involves an initial evaluation and planning of a treatment regimen. Subsequent appointments focus on treatment and typically occur once or twice a week.  The purpose of acupuncture is to stimulate the body to heal itself by using thin needles at specific points on the body. These points are often referred to as pressure points but more commonly are called acupuncture points. The points run along a pathway in the body which is referred to by acupuncturists as meridians.

What are meridians?

The premise of acupuncture is based on a traditional understanding of the meridian system. You can think of the meridian system as a map along the body. There are 12 major meridians in the body and each meridian has a representation of an organ in the body. Along each of these meridians, there are points and each point has a different function or action that is associated with that organ. There are hundreds of acupuncture points and they are all categorized by this meridian system.

The function of meridians

If we imagine the meridian system as a map of the body we can compare the individual pathways to highways on the map. One way to understand the function of the meridians is to think of traffic on the highways. When there is traffic and congestion, cars get stuck and slow down the same happens in our bodies when there is pain and inflammation. Acupuncture works at removing these blockages or stagnation to improve circulation and reduce pain.

Acupuncture stimulates sensory nerves and those nerves send signals to the brain, resulting in clinical changes. Therefore the peripheral and central nervous systems play a crucial role in understanding meridians and their function.

Explore treatment options 

When exploring new treatment options it’s always advisable to seek credible, experienced sources. Our staff can help guide you along your healing journey and recommend treatment and make additional supplemental recommendations. Contact us today.

Have you never been to an acupuncture appointment?

Deanna Carell Acupuncture is welcoming new patients to our office. Our natural, acupuncture and facial microneedling treatments are tailored to your specific needs, and are used to create a healthy healing environment for your mind and body. For a consultation to meet with the acupuncturists please call our office or contact us through our online form


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