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Deep tissue

Firm pressure with traction, active range of motion, cross fiber friction to release adhesions and trigger point. Sessions typically last an hour for more specialized work and 90 minutes for full body treatment.

Sports massage

More specialized massage for athletes with strains or old injuries hoping to release tension and speed up recovery time. Uses stretching, cross fiber friction and traction to specialized areas depending on injury or stress. Please wear/bring a pair of comfortable shorts that are easy to adjust and comfortable to move in for modesty while stretching.

Swedish massage

Relaxing massage using varying pressure to aid in release of tight, achey muscles. Typically beginning face up and finishing face down with focus to back.

Prenatal massage

Clients must be at least in second trimester. We use pregnancy pillows to allow for comfort when laying face down or back/side lying. Pressure varies depending on preference and is targeted to problem areas.


30 Minutes


60 Minutes


90 Minutes


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