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Healing With Evil Bone Water


Healing With Evil Bone Water

Zheng Xie Gu Shui, commonly known as Evil Bone Water, is a medicinal herbal liniment that has been used for hundreds of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to aid in healing broken bones and other injuries. Historically, it was a go-to treatment for injuries resulting from martial arts training.

Evil Bone Water is now widely used by athletes to treat sprains, fractures, and general muscle soreness. It is increasingly used to address more general conditions like arthritis, bruising, and inflammation.

What is Evil Bone Water and how is it used?

Adapted from a 500-year-old recipe, Evil Bone Water is comprised of many of the finest Chinese herbs, including camphor, menthol, pseudo ginseng, Japanese knotweed, and cinnamon bark. Together, these herbs promote circulation, reduce swelling, alleviate pain and inflammation, and relax the muscles, allowing the body to relax and focus on healing. The liniment is meant to be used topically by applying a small amount to the affected area of the body or as a foot or hand soak in combination with Epsom salt and water.

In addition to injury and sprains, Evil Bone Water can treat muscle cramps, insect bites, and bruises and can be used as a topical anesthetic. While other topical treatments, which often contain harsh chemicals, can be effective in alleviating pain, Evil Bone Water addresses the root cause of the pain for true healing and lasting relief.

Is Evil Bone Water safe?

Evil Bone Water is generally safe for use on unbroken skin. However, it is essential to note that it is not meant to be ingested or applied directly to cuts, rashes, or sores. This is not the kind of water you should drink.

When using Evil Bone Water, it is important to avoid contact with the eyes and mouth, and you should be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after use. Also, note that liniment is not recommended for use to treat pain in the abdomen or for digestive-type pain. In general, if the product is ineffective in achieving your desired result, explore other remedies and consult your health professional.

With its many benefits and indications, Evil Bone Water is a helpful product to have on hand and should be a staple in your medicine cabinet. 

Experience Natural Pain Relief

Our Evil Bone Water from Saint Apothecary is hand-crafted by Master Herbalist and Doctor of Acupuncture, Mark T. Brinson. A combination of Chinese herbs, Evil Bone Water offers relief from a variety of common symptoms.


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