Plum Flower Gan Mao Ling

Gan mao ling’ translates to “Common Cold Effective-Remedy” This powerful herbal formula is best taken at the first signs of feeling sick and can shorten the duration of cold or flu-like symptoms when taken at the earliest stages.

Ingredients: ilex asprella root, evodia lepta herb, chrysanthemum indicum flower, vitex negundo herb, isatis indigotica root, lonicera japonica flower, microcrystalline cellulose, talcum, magnesium stearate, hypromellose

Gan Mao Ling: The Herbal Defense
Your Immune System Needs

Literally translating to “Common Cold Effective-Remedy", Gan Mao Ling is an ideal product to have stocked in your medicine cabinet- ESPECIALLY with new strains and variants of viruses (you know, the one we constantly hear about) becoming a larger risk with each passing day. At the very first signs or symptoms of feeling sick, taking Gan Mao Ling can help to shorten the duration of your illness, whilst helping to lessen the severity of symptoms.

Using Gan Mao Ling proactively BEFORE the full onset of your cold or cough is key, as the sooner you treat your symptoms, the more effective the herbal supplement will be. Because Gan Mao Ling is so powerful, please keep in mind to discontinue use once your symptoms are resolved.

What Herbal Supplements Make Up Gan Mao Ling?

Taking an herbal supplement without knowing anything about it can feel a bit risky- what in the WORLD is in them?! It’s a completely valid question, so let’s break down the ingredients that make the infamous herbal remedy Gan Mao Ling.

Basically, it is a blend of ancient Chinese herbs including Honeysuckle and Chrysanthemum, that together enable your immune system to respond in a healthy and effective way to combat the illness at hand.

The Ancient Chinese Herbs in This Immune System Enhancer


The first herbal supplement is the Ilex esprella root, or Gang Mei Gen. Various conditions can be treated using this, though here its purpose is to aid in chest congestion, asthma, and coughs.


Gan Mao Ling includes the Evodia lepta herb/Leaf, or San Cha Ku, which has been compared to Echinacea in the past due to their similar immune system enhancing effects. The Evodia lepta herb is also commonly used when dealing with digestive issues including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and lack of appetite.


The Isatis Indigotica Root, or Ban Lan Gen is thought to aid in fighting viruses and bacteria that can cause infections, as well as seemingly quite effective in reducing fever, swelling, treating the common cold, and upper respiratory tract infections. Though further scientific analysis still needs to be conducted to show how this supplement works, it has been used to treat these ailments for centuries.


Chrysanthemum Indicum Flower, or Ju Hua is probably the first on the list that you’ve even heard of before. But who would’ve guessed that these yellow and white flowers have healing properties that could help your immune system? Even during allergy season, chrysanthemum can treat symptoms related to that. In terms of its use in Gan Mao Ling, chrysanthemum is used for the treatment of sore throats, fevers, and the common cold.


Honeysuckle, the Ionicera Japonica Flower (or Jin Yin Hua) is used when treating digestive issues, including swelling and pain of the small intestine, upper respiratory tract infections, and other various infections including influenza, swine flu, colds, pneumonia, headaches, and fever.

Take Control of Your Health & Future Using Gan Mao Ling

In these uncertain times, having a healthy immune system to fight off viruses and illnesses is more important than ever before. Eating healthy and exercising always help, but there’s little you can do once you start to have the sniffles. Now, you CAN do something- be proactive and nip your cold in the bud using the ancient remedy still relied on today- Gan Mao Ling.

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