September 18

Back to School Illness Prevention with Acupuncture Treatments

As the world begins to make important decisions about sending our children back to school, parents are thinking of only one thing- their child’s safety. While there are quite a few measures that schools are taking to prevent the spread of illnesses within the school halls and classrooms, there is an extra measure that can be taken outside of them. Acupuncture, along with proper hygiene, handwashing and nutrition, can aide in keeping your child healthy throughout the entirety of their school year and even beyond.

Just recently, acupuncture has made its way from a popular adult treatment, to that of use in pediatrics. While most popular among pediatric patients who have medical conditions, doctors are suggesting that acupuncture can maintain a healthy lifestyle in younger patients just like it can in adults. Young patients are now finding lasting, natural relief from chronic illnesses and even from daily irritations, such as allergies.

2020, so far, has been a challenging road that has made the “back to school season” seem extra scary. Parents may be worried about the typical sicknesses, along with the coronavirus, spreading quickly among close quartered classmates. Acupuncture treatments can work to keep your little one’s immune system strong, healthy and able to fight off bacteria that may otherwise keep them out of the learning world.

Acupuncture works to support the body’s immune system by triggering the production of important hormones, improving organ function and blood circulation, promoting self-healing tendencies, and reducing risk factors such as high blood pressure or anxiety/stress. Treatments also provide an exceptional place to find relaxation, which can decrease that “back to school” nervousness and even eliminate and control everyday school stress. Our children’s mental health can play a huge roll in school success and attendance, along with their ability to physically fight off illnesses, even allergies.

Although this alternative, natural treatment may sound appealing, there are often hesitations among parents to bring their children in for an appointment. After-all, children do not usually do well when faced with any type of needle. Acupuncture needling is different than what we traditionally think of when we think of needles and is very gentle. We also have other techniques such a press on stickers with very tiny beads that target the same acupuncture points that a needle would if your child is very sensitive.

As we head back to school and back to our routines in the coming weeks, considergetting ahead on your child’s health by scheduling an appointment with Deanna Carell Acupuncture. We hope that you will consider our natural treatments as an alternative measure to keeping your child safe, healthy and happy while learning vital information for their future. His or her immune system will thank you for it.

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